True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases

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Alabama: The Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing (1963)

Survivors would often receive prank phone calls later so the attacker could reignite their terror and feed off it. Perhaps we'll never have answers as to what happened to this 6-year-old pageant princess — though plenty of people obsessed with the case are convinced they've solved it — but the strange circumstances around the death of JonBenet have made it one of the most talked about child murders in history. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting will likely remain the most notorious crime in Connecticut history for all time.

At least I hope nothing worse befalls the state. Lanza first murdered his mother before driving her car to the school. Some victims were children as young as 6.

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Lanza completed suicide as first responders arrived. Cordelia Botkin is not only the most notorious killer in Delaware history but the first to commit murder by mail. She first sent anonymous letters to Elizabeth Dunning about affairs she had with Dunning's husband.

The Most Notorious Crime in Every State in the U.S.

Then she sent a box of chocolates with the note, "With love to yourself and baby. Elizabeth shared the chocolates with her sister and some others on the porch of her father's home. Two days later, Elizabeth and her older sister, year-old Ida Harriet Deane, died from arsenic poisoning. The four others who ate the poisoned candies lived. A handwriting comparison of the note that accompanied the candy to previous correspondence from Botkin linked her to the crime. Florida is another state with plenty of candidates for most notorious crime. However, the high-profile trial and endless documentary specials and movies of the week pushed this technically unsolved crime to the top of the list.

Though mother Casey Anthony was acquitted of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee, the public seems convinced the young mom, who didn't report her daughter missing for a month, is the responsible party. A string of murders of young black boys terrorized Atlanta families from to The slayings have been attributed to Wayne Williams, an aspiring talent scout and record producer.

Identifying America's 'worst serial killer' Samuel Little - ABC News

However, Williams was never tried and convicted of any child murders, but rather in the deaths of two adult men. Investigators, including famed FBI profiler John Douglas, believe "the forensic and behavioral evidence points conclusively to Wayne Williams as the killer of 11 young men in Atlanta. The most notorious crime of the Aloha state is an unsolved string of serial murders of women whose bodies were found in lagoons around Honolulu and neighboring Waipahu from to All five victims were bound, raped, and strangled.

As of yet, no one has been apprehended. In , the convicted killer and child molester killed year-old Brenda Groene, her boyfriend Mark McKenzie, and her year-old son Slade and kidnapped her two other children, Dylan, 9 and Shasta, 8. Seven weeks later, Shasta turned up alive at a Coeur d'Alene Denny's. Her brother, unfortunately, was found murdered days later. Shasta's testimony was instrumental in putting together what had happened to her family and ensuring Duncan's conviction. The killer later admitted to three other murders in California and Washington, though he has not been convicted of two of the three.

Illinois is yet another state with plenty of good candidates for the "most notorious crime" superlative. He killed at least 33 young boys and men ranging in age from 15 to 21 and buried their bodies in the basement and crawl space of his home.

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  • At his execution he simply had three words for spectators: "Kiss my ass. Then, when the heat turned up, she killed her three children and staged her death by decapitating an unidentified female victim. She enlisted her hired hand, Ray Lamphere, with setting fire to the farm to obscure the identity of her remains. She killed anywhere from 25 to 40 victims and was never caught.

    In , eight people were murdered in the night, bludgeoned to death in their beds with the blunt end of an axe. The murder weapon was found beside a 4-pound slab of bacon. Reverend Lyn George Jacklin Kelly fell under suspicion for the brutal murders when he boarded a train west the morning after the murders and allegedly announced to his fellow travelers that an entire family back home was butchered in their beds — only at that point the bodies had not yet been discovered.

    Kelly confessed but recanted the confession at his trial. He was acquitted, and no one else was tried afterward. We've got a whole article on this guy , and even though he doesn't have a ton of competition, he's definitely earned his spot at the top of the most notorious killers in Kansas. He bound, tortured, and killed 10 people in the '70s and '80s.

    He would've gotten away with it, too, had he not continued to taunt police, who traced one of his packages to the church where he worked. In , Joseph Thomas Wesbecker went to his former workplace, a printing factory called Standard Gravure, with an AK, two handguns, a bayonet, and hundreds of ammunition rounds. It's believed he received a letter from the company shortly before the massacre, which announced his disability payments would soon be suspended. He killed eight employees and injured 12 others before taking his own life. The tragedy remains the deadliest mass shooting in the history of Kentucky.

    Though it's been nearly years since he struck, the Axeman of New Orleans is still the most notorious killer from the Pelican State. He killed six and injured six more over a period of 18 months from May to October The Axeman's story owes its staying power to a letter someone claiming to be the perpetrator sent to newspapers on March 13, , saying he would kill again at 15 minutes past midnight on the night of March 19, but households who played jazz music at that time would live to see another day:.

    If everyone has a jazz band going, well, then, so much the better for you people. One thing is certain and that is that some of your people who do not jazz it out on that specific Tuesday night if there be any will get the axe.

    Is our growing obsession with true crime a problem?

    Maine has its share of murderers, but perhaps the most intriguing criminal in the state's history is Christopher Knight, who evaded police for 27 years as he committed more than 1, burglaries of homes in the North Pond area. Knight left home at 20 without notice and spent the next few decades living off food found in houses and vacation cabins in the area and stealing propane and other supplies to help him survive in the wild.

    He lived in the wilderness that entire time, even in the coldest months of the year, which is incredible if you've ever been to Maine in the winter. A game warden eventually captured the elusive hermit in April Baltimore holds the dubious record of having the most murders per capita of any city in the U. However, the hit podcast Serial made Adnan Syed a household name. Convicted in for the murder of his ex girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, Syed had listeners obsessed with the case and debating his guilt. Since the series aired, a lower court granted Syed a new trial, a decision that has been tied up in appeals court since.

    A final ruling is expected in August of this year. James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger is one of the most notorious gangsters, hit men, and rats in mobster history. He evaded police for 16 years until a neighbor in Santa Monica, CA, recognized him and helped federal agents take him down. He was tried and convicted for racketeering in and was imprisoned first in Florida, then in Oklahoma, and finally in West Virginia. Shortly after his transfer to FCI Hazelton, the year-old gangster was found beaten to death, his eyes gouged out, and his tongue nearly severed completely in a clear mob hit fueled by Bulger's longtime role as an informant.

    Alaska: Robert Hansen

    In , labor Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa vanished from a restaurant parking lot in Bloomfield, Township, where he told others he had a meeting with two Mafia leaders, Anthony Giacalone, and Anthony Provenzano. He had been involved in organized crime for many years and is presumed dead. Speculation as to what happened has kept him alive in true crime fans' memory all these years, with the prevailing theory for many years holding that he was buried underneath Giants Stadium in New Jersey, though when no human remains were found when the football venue was demolished in This abduction of year-old Jacob was a mystery for nearly 30 years, until his killer, Danny James Heinrich, led authorities to where he left him as part of a plea bargain.

    He is also responsible for abducting and sexually assaulting at least one other boy, Jared Scheierl.

    Alaska: Robert Hansen the Butcher Baker

    As part of the agreement, Heinrich wasn't tried for Jacob's murder, and the statute of limitations for his assault on Jared had expired. He was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for possession of child pornography, but the judge made it clear the trial was really about Jacob.

    L a photo on the plaque marking Till's grave in Aslip, Illinois; R a photo of Till's mangled body as part of an exhibit at the Chicago Historical Society. Emmett Till was 14 years old when he was accused of wolf-whistling at an adult white woman who worked as a grocery clerk. For the supposed offense of hitting on a white and asking her on a date, Carolyn Bryant's husband Roy Bryant and his brother kidnapped the boy from his great uncle's house and tortured, mutilated, and killed him in one of the most infamous lynchings of the Jim Crow era.

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    Accounts of what the young boy did or said are unclear, as Bryant's account changed each time she gave it. However, even she admitted "nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him. For weeks, friends thought someone had kidnapped Gypsy, who was disabled and very ill to their knowledge.

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    • True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases
      True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases
      True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases
      True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases
      True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases True Crime: Massachusetts: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases

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