Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4)

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Shandess dubs this group the "Anti-Mules," as they seem to possess powers similar to the Mule , but to be using them not to destroy the Seldon Plan, as the Mule had tried to do, but rather to preserve it. At first, Gendibal's ideas are very badly received by the other Speakers, with Shandess alone supporting him, and he is threatened with expulsion, but the Speakers' resistance is overcome when Gendibal demonstrates that the brain of Sura Novi , a member of the Hamish, the rude people of farmers who inhabit and cultivate Trantor, shows a subtle change to her mind that would be far beyond the Second Foundation's capabilities to make, and could only have been made by a much more powerful entity, probably the "Anti-Mules.

Meanwhile, Trevize and Pelorat engage in the latter's project to locate Earth, but there is no planet with that name in the galactic table of planets, and none with its exact predicted characteristics either. However, Pelorat mentions having heard of a planet called Gaia , whose name he somehow discovered to mean Earth in some ancient language. Its coordinates are unknown, but it is supposed to be somewhere in the Sayshell Sector.

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Trevize decides that they must go there to follow up on this lead. On the Sayshell main planet, Trevize and Pelorat meet a scholar, Professor Quintesetz, who is able to reluctantly give them the coordinates to Gaia.

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They travel there and discover that Gaia is a "superorganism," where all things, both living and inanimate, participate in a larger group consciousness, while still retaining any individual awareness they might have. Pelorat slowly falls in love with a Gaian woman named Blissenobiarella , commonly called Bliss. Gendibal finds Trevize's location with information from Compor, who is secretly a Second Foundation agent.

As Gendibal's mental powers stalemate with Mayor Branno's force shield, Novi reveals herself as an agent of Gaia. She joins the stalemate and the three are locked until Trevize can join them.

Steel's Edge by Illona Andrew - Narrated Prologue

Bliss explains to Trevize that he had been led to Gaia so that his untouched mind, which has unique, remarkable powers of intuition, can decide the galaxy's fate — whether it will be ruled by the First Foundation, by the Second Foundation, or by Gaia, which envisions an extension of its group consciousness to the entire galaxy, thus forming the new entity Galaxia. He also learns that the stalemate between the First Foundation Branno , the Second Foundation Gendibal , and Gaia Novi was intentional, and that through his ship's computer, he can decide who shall ultimately prove victorious.

Steel Edge

Trevize decides upon Gaia, and through mental adjustments, Gaia makes Branno and Gendibal believe they have won minor victories, and that Gaia does not exist. But Trevize is troubled by one final missing piece of information: in the course of their investigation, Trevize and Pelorat had found out that all references to Earth had been removed from the Galactic Library at Trantor.

Trevize wants to know who did this and why, as Gaia denies having done that. He announces his intention to find Earth, since without knowing the answers to those questions, he cannot be certain his choice was the right one. Trevize also explains that he chose Gaia because that was the only choice of the three that was reversible in case his choice should prove to be wrong, due to the large length of time required for the formation of Galaxia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Science fiction novel by American writer Isaac Asimov. They were such viable characters, I would have loved to watched them throughout the entire series.

Fang-tastic Fiction: Ilona Andrews: THE EDGE SERIES

I found it very interesting how close the villains and the heroes were in here. I was amazed at some of the paths the plot lines went down. They managed to pull together an arc that had 18 different substories going on, resolve them, and make it all make sense. The action, suspense, romance…it all balanced perfectly.

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Mandi: They did a great job with the plot twists in this one. With the various things going on in this book, it could have all gotten tangled and confusing but instead we get a lush, rich world with action and characters that are developed so well. Highly recommend this entire series. Author Website l Series Listing. I loved this!

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I had a feeling while reading, that Ilona had fun writing their little quarrels. But, I gave it 5 stars, for story, for characters, for world building. It was a fitting end of an awesome series. Nothing less then quality from Ilona and Gordon…. I loved this book. But with the exception of the first KD book I adore everything they write. Sometimes I wonder how they are just that much better than everyone else!

Steel Edge

I really should, but I just do not know about this one, as the last book was not as good as the first one. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Kini kinilei1 l Goodreads. Sheena readingvixen l Goodreads.

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Mandi smexybooks l Goodreads. DMV Romance Events. He would have collided with the rocks below, but by dragging the steel tips of his poles along the icy surface, Lettner managed to bring himself to a stop. It saved his life. Lettner, 30, thought a lot about what might have prevented his nearly fatal accident.

Skiing could be made safer, and skis would certainly turn better if their edges were metallic, like the tips of his poles. The skier, too, would want to be able to sharpen the edges. Bronze was too soft. It took Lettner almost ten years of experimentation to arrive at a solution — which was to screw short sections of steel strip on to the ski, allowing it to flex.

Lettner patented his invention in

Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4) Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4)
Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4) Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4)
Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4) Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4)
Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4) Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4)
Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4) Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4)
Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4) Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4)
Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4) Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4)
Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4) Steels Edge (The Edge, Book 4)

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