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Senn Fritz. That process may essily appear in translations. Yet the process indicated in Joyce an manner is truly synecdochic and seems characteristic and representative for the whole. Time and its changes are a pervasive theme also in Ovid's Metamorphoses, from which work Joyce borrowed and acknowledged his only epigraph. Some examples of how Ovid forewhadowed both topics and literary techniques that Joyce was yet to develop are shown in exemplary detail. Once Upon a Time. Time is a difficult concept, for practical purposes almost impossible to define.

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A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man unfolds it, over many years, but often in slow motion close ups, and the novel is in part about — and begins with an awareness of — time. This shows in the word itself, the first noun in the whole novel :. And, rightaway, it is taken up and :. This meeting took place in some remote, fairy tale, mythological, archetypal, past.

Yet, after the initial formula at the beginning of the Portrait, we have to wait a while until we learn about the specific when. The first section is in a vague early childhood, a chronological blur. The child has not yet developed any sense of time, yet, as has been shown, some time consciousness hovers over the introduction.

Blood and Moonlight

The rest of the opening section is by an absence of temporal markers that is nearly complete. For all we are told explicitly, the events might take place in close sequence. They don't, we tend to consider the overture as a telescoping of separate memory impressions with the interstices elided 2. The passing of time is suggested, emphatically, by a sense of development, by the increase of mental and linguistic complexity. Time is present, first, through the word itself, in repetition, and then throughout by a sense of rapid change. The word is reiterated in the first sentence.

This would be in accordance with our practice of story telling for infants for whom the key terms have to be reinforced. The answer is that the joining is part of a phrase which we have to take wholesale, a ritual union sanctioned by use. There is, as even minimal experience bears out, a scale of goodness of the various times we can have, and in myth as well as in Irish history the ones of the past were always better. Deterioration has set in.

The word has become more concrete, more handy, it has been qualified, become easier to think upon. An outwardly identical concept, one identical word, has been semantically transformed. One more change is to follow, not too far away a matter of a few sentences and some short paragraphs , but — developmentally — this is a much much later stage :. Dante gave him a cachou every time he brought her a tissue paper.

The learning process now includes the insight that the environment, up to a point, may be dependable, and thereby can be manipulated : if you give a particular person a tissue paper, you get something in. Reading is in a large part a recognition of the tissuing. This becomes more evident in translation into languages that may not use the same term for the different functions of the English word.

Seemingly Matterless Tales

In the twenties, in France, Ludmila Savitzky began with :. Dante lui donnait un cachou chaque fois qu'il lui apportait un de papier de soie 4. The cultural change misses conceptional ones. Our views too change, in the course of events, and it was certainly an awareness of Joyce's transformative reiterations that made Jacques Aubert, in a cautious revision of the French Portrait, retain the same word :.

Nor do the German tales. Georg Goyert's rendering was, quite in keeping with convention :. Vor vielen, vielen Jahren — war das eine herrliche Zeit 6. So there is no repetition at all, no transformation, and less temporal consciousness. Which simply proves that our interests have shifted over several decades — and will shift again. So the echoing replay is brought about :. Es war einmal vor langer Zeit und das war eine sehr gute Zeit In general more recent translators have become, in tune with their subject, more conscious verbal artificers.

There is at least one translation that adds more time, with conscious intention or probably not :. Nel tempo dei tempi, ed erano bei tempi dawero 9. The point made, by translatorial indirection, is that Joyce repeats the word, and varies it ; it changes minimally in the process.

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A micro-transformation that is representative for a novel in which, at one point, a pedantic minor controversy turns on. The Portrait changes in time, in the time of our reading it, and we, et nos, change along with it. The central part of A Portrait is taken up with an evocation of hell, when time will cease to be :.

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Time is, time was but time shall be no more. He was overcompensating and it was bad. She looked closer once he was seated, but could see nothing in his eyes but Bruce Wayne the one time playboy prince of Gotham, finally settling down.

He was wholly in character, utterly committed, not a hint of Batman. Whatever he found was bad. And if it was a shot, it was an ambivalent passive-aggressive act which eliminated Bane.

«A Portrait» : Temporal Foreplay

If she was the target, that changed everything. It could be anyone with a grievance. The Riddler angle could also be an allusion to the war, he was leader of the rogue forces against Falcone. And the war did start—ironically—because the rogues thought she and Bruce were engaged. If it was a grudge from the war driving all this, their real engagement party would make an inviting target. The sorbet arrived.

The Engagement Party by Chris Dee | Cat-Tales Batman/Catwoman Metafiction

He shook his head and said the problem with those romantic poets was the allusions were too murky. And he was right. Of course Catwoman was credited with ending the rogue war, with taking out Carmine Falcone and putting down Bane. But he was safely stuck in Atlantis. As far as anyone knew, he had no way to contact the surface…. The game arrived.

The Hip-Hop Skit Is Dead, Long Live The Hip-Hop Skit

It was even possible Ivy had some misplaced associations between Selina—or Bruce and Selina as a couple—and that awful mutation that nearly killed her. Being rid of it wound up stripping her of her pheromones and her telepathic connection to plants. Selina looked down uncomfortably at the fronds of fennel and thyme served as a garnish with her pheasant. Poor Pammy, losing her powers had been the good outcome. They could remain in town, decently disguised as Thomas Pearl and Cora Colette, Bruce would continue to function as Batman to satisfy the curiosity of anyone who—obnoxiously, in her view—had to see his reaction to Catwoman getting ma….

Seemingly Matterless Tales Seemingly Matterless Tales
Seemingly Matterless Tales Seemingly Matterless Tales
Seemingly Matterless Tales Seemingly Matterless Tales
Seemingly Matterless Tales Seemingly Matterless Tales
Seemingly Matterless Tales Seemingly Matterless Tales

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