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I'm not exactly sure how it works under the hood so I'm not sure if the normal vectors I've set for the vertices of the object will be I have a openGL application which is rendering data into a rgba texture. I want to encode and stream it using gstreamer framework using nvenc plugin for h encoding. I was looking through the Divyesh Tekale 1.

OpenGl I have a display primitive simple asteroid but trying loop display 4 asteroids like in Image but Not working I display my first primitive asteroid 2D model, but trying loop for show 4 asteroids on init program, in glBegin Loop For or While can be used here? I'm not working How to stop scrolling of text in Opengl Hi I want to set limit of scrolling text in Opengl. When I press Down button the scrolling of text will move to infinite time but I want when I will reach number in text and line scrolling must be Unknown 1 3 3 bronze badges.

How to perform OpenGL rotation in more than 1 axis using shaders, pygame, and pyopengl I'm trying to create a "modern OpenGL" application using Python.

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Specifically, I'm using pyopengl to handle the OpenGL interface, and I'm using pygame to handle window generation, context, display, DatScienceGuy 2 2 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Pyren 9 1 1 bronze badge. Send a big matrix to a fragment shader in GLSL version I need to draw an animated texture with many parameters. All of these parameters matrix 10x will be changed in each frame. Why don't glColor3f and glTranslated affect object creation? How to convert ueyesrc buffer to opengl texture? Creating a vector in order to measure distance from a sprite to another vector I'm currently just starting to create a game with Pyglet featuring a race car, which will drive around a track, of which I intend to later add Tensorflow.

Is there any way which I can draw a vector Nick Pemberton 1. Confusion about binding the index of a non-existent attribute using glVertexAttribPointer When binding an attribute index using glVertexAttribPointer, what happens when an associated program does not contain an attribute at said index?

Is the behaviour undefined, or is the attribute Which Java tool to use [on hold] I'm beginning a project shortly where I want to use Java to create a custom png image. I want to use code to be able to add rectangles, lines and other shapes. Can anyone recommend a Java library Jordan Jacobson 5 2 2 bronze badges. Lonstu 3 1 1 bronze badge. Does that imply only the listed possible errors, or does Altmax 30 4 4 bronze badges.

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I implemented a port of the bresenhams line drawing algo to check for a hit. The problem is my graphics card driver crashed upon launch. A few Alexander W 6 2 2 bronze badges. After a lot of NilsPMC 3 3 3 bronze badges. OpenGl Cant rotate correctly by center origin primitive polygon when change values in glTranslatef? But if i I have tried a Alexander 1 1 silver badge 8 8 bronze badges. As part of the setup a window is opened an rendered in blue code not shown but nothing beside that is Rendering compute-shader output to screen I'm trying to set up a pipeline to do some raymarching-rendering.

At first I set up a vertex and a geometry shader to take just 1 arbitrary float, and make a quad so I can use just the fragment Why are equivalent shaders outputting different results? Let's consider this mcve: from OpenGL. BPL 4, 4 4 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 70 70 bronze badges.

Other than debug output, what can I do with an OpenGL debug context? OpenGL has debug contexts. This documentation says Enabling Debug Output Unless debug output is enabled, no messages will be generated, retrieved, or logged. It is enabled by using glEnable Order of vertex for drawing quad I need to draw n planes in 3D space. The quads are planes created from two points, and with an algorithm I get 4 vertex for drawing the quad.

The problem I have is that the order of the vertices PepeElMago33 63 10 10 bronze badges. Anton Duzenko 1 1 gold badge 5 5 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges.

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I am trying to draw a colored triangle with OpenGL3 but I get the following error: terminate called after throwing an Monica 21 4 4 bronze badges. Triangle Adjacency for shadow volume on flat Mesh I'm trying to implement a shadow volume system but I'm thinking about a problem. I'm using flat mesh to represent my world but how does triangle adjacency work for such object? I mean for the ledge Jean Mathieu 8 3 3 bronze badges. Opengl Cant set color to solid with glColor3f 1.

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I had trouble linking tons of library but I finally made it. But now I have a very suspicious error. One of the sources code include the map OpenGL 2. Most of these were, at the time, rejected by the ARB or otherwise never came to fruition in the form that 3Dlabs proposed. Like the assembly-like shading languages it was replacing, it allowed replacing the fixed-function vertex and fragment pipe with shaders , though this time written in a C-like high-level language.

The design of GLSL was notable for making relatively few concessions to the limits of the hardware then available. This hearkened back to the earlier tradition of OpenGL setting an ambitious, forward-looking target for 3D accelerators rather than merely tracking the state of currently available hardware.

The final OpenGL 2.

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Before the release of OpenGL 3. The draft introduced a change to object management. The GL 2. That is, to modify an object or to use it, one needs to bind the object to the state system, then make modifications to the state or perform function calls that use the bound object. Because of OpenGL's use of a state system, objects must be mutable. That is, the basic structure of an object can change at any time, even if the rendering pipeline is asynchronously using that object. A texture object can be redefined from 2D to 3D.

This requires any OpenGL implementations to add a degree of complexity to internal object management. Under the Longs Peak API, object creation would become atomic , using templates to define the properties of an object which would be created with one function call. The object could then be used immediately across multiple threads.

Objects would also be immutable; however, they could have their contents changed and updated.

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For example, a texture could change its image, but its size and format could not be changed. To support backwards compatibility, the old state based API would still be available, but no new functionality would be exposed via the old API in later versions of OpenGL. This would have allowed legacy code bases, such as the majority of CAD products, to continue to run while other software could be written against or ported to the new API. The final specification proved far less revolutionary than the Longs Peak proposal. Instead of removing all immediate mode and fixed functionality non-shader mode , the spec included them as deprecated features.

The proposed object model was not included, and no plans have been announced to include it in any future revisions. As a result, the API remained largely the same with a few existing extensions being promoted to core functionality. Among some developer groups this decision caused something of an uproar, [37] with many developers professing that they would switch to DirectX in protest.

Most complaints revolved around the lack of communication by Khronos to the development community and multiple features being discarded that were viewed favorably by many. Other sources reported that the community reaction was not quite as severe as originally presented, [38] with many vendors showing support for the update.

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OpenGL 3. Certain features, marked as deprecated, could be completely disabled by requesting a forward-compatible context from the windowing system. From this version onwards, it's not possible to access new features using a full context , or to access deprecated features using a forward-compatible context. It was designed to target hardware able to support Direct3D OpenGL 4. It was designed for hardware able to support Direct3D As in OpenGL 3. Only the most influential extensions are listed below. Release date: August 8, [43].

Release date: August 6, [44]. Release date: July 22, [32]. Release date: August 11, [8] [47]. Release date: July 31, [8] [51] [52]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's use of external links may not follow Wikipedia's policies or guidelines. Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references.

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