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Dark Waters

Currently, she resides in Brooklyn, New York City, living with Christopher, the man she is currently dating.

The two went their separate ways later on, but then reencountered years later and fell back in love. Jess was the research and policy director. Jess was working at a federal courthouse in Brooklyn when the September 11 attacks occurred. She loves lasagna and has an impressive collection of tattoos. This is quite opposite to her mom, who is well-informed. Her fashion style leans towards androgyny and punk.

JW: Over time the really great stuff—James Cain, there are a lot of places that teach Cain and Chandler and Hammett, not out of deference to pick one crime novelist, but because that stuff influenced writing as much as anything. That had such a huge effect. So the stuff will weigh out. JW: As a reader I have always had a problem with the series. RB: I find the writing gets lazy and predictable. I mentioned him before, Philip Kerr does fine with a Nazi-era Berlin homicide detective. JW: He does, but those novels feel bigger. They talk about a time and a place.

RB: Then he came out with a few more and put Harry Bosch together with him in at least one novel. I thought The Poet was the best thing I read by him, and then, of course a few years later he has a sequel to it. Anyway, with Land of the Blind it was an accidental sequel. I was writing the story of this guy and I had this idea of a confession, a reverse confession. Every crime novel starts with the body; what if instead you have the killer and you have to find the body? But when I noticed that the woman cop was in a previous novel, I also noted that she was not central to the story.

JW: I feel like for me, the characters have a book.

And my other characters recur. Alan Dupree shows up in a couple of novels and then has a bigger role in Citizen Vince. Almost just a walk-on. JW: This will break me of that. I love Kennedy. I would put Ironweed on my list. And The Flaming Corsage.

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I love what he did. Because I am from that place I imagine a bigger fictional world and go as many other places as I can. JW: A book of short stories coming out next year—not the rejected ones. And I am working on two novels. The one that I am furthest along on is a comic novel—. I grew up in the West on a family cattle ranch.

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And for a kid who had never been anywhere it just swept over me. I worked on the script a little bit, but it was another screenwriter. It was a fascinating process to see, but I wanted to learn to write scripts in case they came for any of my books again. I wanted to be able to take a shot at that. So I taught myself to write scripts, read a bunch of books on screenwriting. Sold a couple.

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JW: Jack Black. And Michael Winterbottom, the British director, is directing, and they are filling out the rest of the cast. They are in pre-pre-production. JW: I hope. So in that time I had some Hollywood dealings. For me, it was really more about the idea of the place. Although I have had a couple of producers that worked with [them] call me and ask if they could have some of my reality TV show ideas. I wanted to be a literary novelist.

I wanted my name to be up there—that was my dream. I told him he could have it. I will be watching Hookbook on reruns. But being a dad so young, and having to put myself through college, and then work at a newspaper to support a child from the time I was 19 until I was The first in my family to go to college.

Jess Walter

People tended to stick around and a get a job in the aluminum plant. RB: You worked a newspaper for a long time—why did you need to go to school? JW: It turned out to be. The guy who wrote Land of the Blind was at a different place then I am at now. We talked before about not having perspective on your childhood.

Is it breeding? I wanted to get to that place. But back to the question of Spokane—since then the downtown is revitalized. It has this booming art and writing scene. And music scene. My kids are in great schools. We have a great house. We have a great life there.

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  4. JW: It was just over the border in Idaho, about an hour and a half. My daughter is about three hours away in Missoula, which is a gorgeous place. JW: An hour and 20 minutes.

    Jess Feist (Author of Theories of Personality)

    There are three ski hills that my son and I can be on within an hour from my front door. There is a river that goes just below my house that has the best fly-fishing hole. It is an incredible place for nature. There is a part of me that, if all my ships come in, I may have a place in Spokane and a place somewhere else.

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    Jess [with Biographical Introduction] Jess [with Biographical Introduction]
    Jess [with Biographical Introduction] Jess [with Biographical Introduction]
    Jess [with Biographical Introduction] Jess [with Biographical Introduction]
    Jess [with Biographical Introduction] Jess [with Biographical Introduction]
    Jess [with Biographical Introduction] Jess [with Biographical Introduction]
    Jess [with Biographical Introduction] Jess [with Biographical Introduction]
    Jess [with Biographical Introduction] Jess [with Biographical Introduction]
    Jess [with Biographical Introduction] Jess [with Biographical Introduction]

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