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BIRL developed a comprehensive package of technical specifications and training guides for State transportation agencies and bridge fabricators, to assist them in applying the new electroslag technology.

electroslag welding (esw) process and working principle

It did not, however, conduct any demonstrations. Later, this package was updated at OGIST under a new contract, which also required that 2 pilot presentations and 18 additional demonstrations be conducted throughout the country.

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To demonstrate the new process to State bridge and highway engineers and the steel fabrication industry, FHWA, as part of Demonstration Project , is sponsoring a series of hands-on workshops around the country over the next 18 months. Every fabrication shop and every State materials shop should see how it works.

Electroslag welding

Atorod Azizinamini of NABRO, who participated in the workshop, said, "As a researcher in the field of bridge engineering, I was very impressed, and the research results seem to support requesting FHWA to lift the moratorium on electroslag welding in bridges. The Nebraska Department of Roads' Ron Liston, who was also on hand for the workshop demonstration, agrees. Some bridge engineers never lost confidence in electroslag welding, despite the moratorium.

If you consider the stability of existing in-service electroslag weldments and add the greatly improved toughness and reliability that we have now, you have a welding process and procedure ready to be used. For more information about the NGI-ESW process or the demonstration schedule, or if you are interested in hosting a demonstration, contact Krishna Verma at FHWA telephone: ; fax: ; email: krishna. Information can also be found on the Web at www. Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations Date: February Electroslag Welding Better the Second Time Around For more than 20 years, electroslag welding has been banned from use on primary structural tension members such as heavy flanges and cover plates on bridges built with Federal-aid highway funds.

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Along with the ESR process for ingot production is the commercial plasma arc remelt process for specialty steels, particularly where high nitrogen contents may be desired, as in austenitic stainless steels. The ESR process was developed in response to the Western development of the VAR vacuum arc remelting process for producing very highly alloyed materials during the growth period of the jet engine age. The V AR and ESR processes utilize different purification and refinement processes that are extremely critical in very highly, complexly alloyed superalloys and high-speed tool steels.


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    Electroslag Technology Electroslag Technology
    Electroslag Technology Electroslag Technology
    Electroslag Technology Electroslag Technology
    Electroslag Technology Electroslag Technology
    Electroslag Technology Electroslag Technology
    Electroslag Technology Electroslag Technology

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